Register your interest to buy the A J J Lucas DVD


The Life and Times of A J J Lucas



Since limited screenings of this excellent 17 minute biographical documentary directed by KATRINA LUCAS fascinated audiences at our Centenary Opening in March, and at the recent 7th Greek Short Films Festival, where it was shortlisted for the Award, it will soon be made available for purchase by members.

The DVD will also include a video recording of the Centenary Opening as well as 15 minutes of contemporary live film footage, not previously seen, of Ithacan history containing images of A J J Lucas and his contemporaries during wartime Melbourne of the early 1940s.

Apart from the fascinating A J J Lucas footage, every Ithacan is bound to identify family members, relatives and friends whose live images appear in the compilation featuring contemporary events such as; the commemoration of A J J Lucas’s lifetime community achievements and 82nd birthday, the Allied liberation of Athens in October 1944, the Greek Return Soldiers’ march to the Shrine of Remembrance, the funeral of A J J Lucas on 13 August 1946 and closing tribute.

Please register your interest for the purchase of the DVD by completing your details on the DVD flyer and returning the coupon via:

  • mail to PO Box 311 Balwyn North Vic 3104, or
  • email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Subject to the response, the cost of the appropriately designed souvenir DVD will be confirmed in due course, however, we have targetted a maximum price to members of $20 per copy, plus postage. The more DVDs ordered, the lower the price.