A Musical Odyssey, Songs from Greece - Saturday 29 June

Proudly sponsored by the Ithacan Philanthropic Society

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Want to be taken back to the Greek islands or to listen to the vibrant melodies of your youth?

Inspired by the well-loved music of Greece, A Musical Odyssey is touring Australia in 2019, bringing thoughtful and fresh arrangements of Greek classics to a city near you.

Combining the pure elements of voice (Katerini Manolatos) and guitar (Paul Chantrill) with traditional instruments such as the bouzouki (Costa Vasili) to bring authenticity and nostalgia, this is a night not to be missed! Katerini Manolatos is of Ithacan heritage and hails from Cairns. Her dad, Yianni, is from Vathi. Her grandparents were Panayioti and Katerini (Trilivas) Manolatos.

Mια αξέχαστη βραδιά γεμάτη νοσταλγία. Mε μουσική των μεγάλων συνθετών Θεοδωράκη, Ξαρχάκου και Χατζιδάκι. Mε την εκλεκτή φωνή της Κατερίνης Mανωλάτου, τον θαυμαστό κιθαρίστα Paul Chantrill και το μαγευτικό μπουζούκι του Κώστα Βασίλη.

Saturday 29 June 2019 at 7:30 pm
Renaissance Theatre
826 High Street Kew East

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