Throwing Light on Homeric Ithaca Exhibition

Danias exhibition image
 The Ithacan Historical Society
presents an exhibition
Throwing Light on Homeric Ithaca
Dimitris I. Paizis-Danias
The heritage of Homer’s Ithaca,
today’s unique Ithaca
Κέκλυτε δ νν μευ, θακήσιοι, ττί κεν επω
So listen to me Ithacans in what I have to say…
Οδύσσεια β 25
A democratic appeal made by Telemachus, the heir to the throne,
who while holding the royal sceptre, addresses the agora,
meeting place of the Ithacans.


The exhibition is open for viewing at the Club rooms on the monthly Thursday OPEN DAYS. 
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