Excellence Awards


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In 2011 Mr Alex Zotos, the principal of the

Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College


 made available, in memory of his mother Ms Elly Lukas, two perpetual awards to the Ithacan Philanthropic Society’s member's daughters, who have successfully completed their VCE.

1. Presented to the top female VCE Bursary candidate a cash award of $2000.00 judged on the basis of her ENTER score attained for that year.

This award is called,

“The Elly Lukas Award for Academic Excellence”

2. A scholarship to the value of $10,000.00 at the

Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College.

to a female candidate who has completed her VCE, with an interest and aptitude for completing a qualification in Beauty Therapy.

The successful applicant for this award will be judged by the College. http://www.ellylukas.edu.au/



18th November 2014. - The family of the late Mr Stathis Raftopoulos MBE, past president and honorary life member of our Society, has made available a $2,000 bursary, to be allocated to a male student being the son a member of our Society, who has completed his VCE with the highest ATAR score, (85 and over), among the male bursary applicants for that year.

This bursary award will be called “The Stathis Raftopoulos Memorial Award”, and will be made available by the Raftopoulos family at this stage for the ensuing three years.