Capturing the history of Ithacan migration and  the Ithacan community in Melbourne and Victoria

Some years ago the Ithacan Historical Society embarked on a questionnaire project with the aim of developing a database of information about Ithacan migration and the Ithacan community in Melbourne and Victoria.

There are two questionnaires

  1. First Generation Questionnaire
  2. Questionnaire for individuals born in Australia of Ithacan descent
First Generation questionnaire

The first generation questionnaire seeks information about Ithacan immigrants who settled in Melbourne and Victoria.

We encourage all first generation Ithacans, or members of their family, to complete the questionnaire.  

First generation questionnaires may be completed by the family of deceased Ithacans - simply provide as much information as you can.

The questionnaire can be downloaded (CLICK HERE).

 Questionnaire for individuals of Ithacan descent

A questionnaire is also available to capture the subsequent generations, that is, those individuals born in Australia who have a parent/s of Ithacan descent.

To complete the questionnaire:

  1. The questionnaire should be completed by individuals born in Australia with parents/or a parent of Ithacan descent
  2. The questionnaire may be completed on behalf of an individual who is deceased.
  3. Parts A, B, C should be completed
  4. Part D is optional
  5. Part E allows respondents to provide additional information
  6. Please ensure that consent form and contact details are completed and returned with questionnaire

The questionnaire can be downloaded in Word format and in pdf format.


We encourage you to complete a questionnaire to help build a rich database of the Ithacan community in Melbourne and Victoria.

Completed questionnaires can be submitted -
By email:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
By mail to:       Ithacan Historical Society
                        PO Box 311
                        Balwyn North Vic 3104