The core work of the Ithacan Historical Society (IHS) is focused on the collection and archiving of historical material which includes photographic images and documents as well as a small collection of artefacts. 

In addition, the IHS engages in a number of ongoing projects including:

  • Museums Victoria - Victorian Collections database - the digitising and uploading of our vast photographic collection.
  • Oral histories: recording of stories of members.
  • Questionnaire project:  development of database about first generation Ithacans and subsequent generation of individuals of Ithacan descent. CLICK HERE for more information and to download questionnaire forms.
  • Cooking demonstrations.
  • Documenting the history of Ithacan owned business in Melbourne and across Victoria.

The IHS also undertakes various activities and events that promote the history of the Ithacan community in Melbourne and Victoria. Examples include:

  • Historical retrospectives featuring the lives and achievements of well-known Ithacans
  • Historical displays and exhibitions
  • Publications including 'The Ithacans' and 'Ithacan Recipes, Australian Memories'
  • Promotion of Ithacan culinary and handicraft traditions
  • Open Day at the club rooms where members catch up and are able to share anecdotes and aspects of Ithacan life in Melbourne.

In 2016, the IHS undertook three major projects to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of the Ithacan community in Melbourne and Victoria:

  • The production of a film documentary ‘Out of this Earth exploring the life and times of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society’s founding president, A.J.J. Lucas. 
  • Publication of The Ithacans – a permanent historical record of Ithacan settlement in Melbourne/Vic and ‘The Club’, launched  by George Megalogenis
  • Victorian Immigration Museum Exhibition, Our Odyssey – Ithacans in Melbourne, presented the story of Ithacan and Greek migration and settlement in Melbourne and Victoria.  The exhibition culminated with a school holiday program - Gods, Myths and Mayhem. The program was hugely successful with the children making cyclops masks, colouring ancient Greek vases, experiencing storytelling from the Odyssey and learning Greek folk dances.