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The IHS is keen to connect with individuals worldwide seeking to trace their Ithacan roots.  
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March 2020:  Request from Tony Tsourdalakis, President Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand
My father Socrates Tsourdalakis is currently writing a second book on the first Cretan migrants that arrived on Australian shores.  One of the early Cretans married an Ithacan lady, Athena Floria (Florence), who arrived in Melbourne in 1885.  I would be grateful of any information on Athen Floria and/or a photograph.
Tony Tsourdalakis  

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April 2018:  Request from Thalia Phelps (nee Colyvan)
I am in the process of writing a book about my father's early life and when he lived and worked in Perth and Darwin. He worked for an uncle, Dionisios Kolivas - known as Dick Colivas - in the salt works near Darwin in the early 1920s. I would love to know if there are any relatives of Dick Colivas around who could share any family information as I don't really know anything about my father's family.
Thanking you in advance
Thalia Phelps (nee Colyvan)
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25 November 2017:  Request from Bruce Black
Spero was my grandfather, married Elsie Turner, and my father was Platon Black (died aged 99 2013). Spero was born ? 1880 approx, and came to Australia via the US and South Africa, ? 1890-2. Came to Brisbane at that time, possibly at the instigation of “Old Black”. Was secretary of the Brisbane Greek Society for a period. Can a society member advise me as to which village/area on Ithaca that Spero came from, or any other details? My daughter is off to Ithaca in the next few months and is anxious to look things up.
With thanks
Bruce Black

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12th March 2012:  Request from Katherine Morris
I am not to sure where to start with this but my name is Katherine Morris . My grandfather George Moraitis was born in Kioni and passed away (In 1968, he was in his 50's) well before I was born. Our name has been since changed from Moraitis to Morris. How would I go about finding out if any of your members new my grandfather?
I am 32 years old and have not had much luck so far in finding out anything about him. I do know that my Grandfathers sister was named Athanasia Karangis and his sister-in-law, Panayiota Moraitis.
Thankyou for taking the time to read my email.
Katherine Morris (Katey)

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2nd March 2012 & 21st July 2013:  Requests from Geoffrey Nicholas Gabriel
2nd March 2012:  My name is Geoffrey Nicholas Gabriel and I'm In search of the Gabriel family descendants.  A brief family history follows that hopfully will assist readers to locate my relatives.
Grandfather - Nicholas Gabriel     Grandmother - Andraniky Gabriel
They lived at 28? Arnold Street, South Yarra. Their house was called "Parthenon" and it was a few doors down from the Synagogue in Toorak Road.
My grandfather owned cafes in the city. One name that comes to mind was Heards cafe.
They had 5 children:
  • John Gabriel [decd 1957]  [my Father]   He married Elsie Frances Winifred Gabriel [nee Williams] they had 2 sons Geoffrey and Bruce.
  • Constance Gabriel he married Alma Gabriel [nee ? ] they had 2 daughters ?  They lived for a time in Anthony St Glen Iris. Con was a long serving member of the Prahran Club and owned and operated a Children’s knitwear Factory in Prahran. The last time I heard of Con he was very old and living with one of his Daughters in Queensland.
  • George Gabriel   he married Molly Gabriel  [nee ?] they never had children.
  • Richard [Spiro] Gabriel  known as” Dick”  he never married
  • Esme Gabriel   Married ?  she had one daughter name unknown
My Parents are buried along with my Greek Grandparents and Spiro [Dick] in the Greek section of the Fawkiner Cemetery
Bruce my brother died 2 years ago and he is buried at the Aberfeldie Cemetry [in the Victorian high country] He has 6 children.
I attended Mt Scopus College when it opened in St Kilda Road there were only 26 students for the first few years,
Later I joined my Brother Bruce at Melbourne Grammar School where I believe my Father and uncles attended.
I would like to know how and when my Grandparents arrived in Australia; there was some talk about my Grandmother Andronicky being in Kalgoolie in WA for some time ?
I believe the Lucas Family could be related as Cousins of my Fathers?  Tom Gabriel the Hotelier was also possibly related ?
There is also aunt Katerini's home in Parkville which I recall visiting with my Father as a young boy.
I would greatly appreciate any information that can be passed on to me.
Exciting  Times and thank you
Geoffrey Nicholas Gabriel
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0431 456 394

21st July 2013:  Due to computer problems, I have lost the telephone and email details of the people that have contacted me. Can you please send me an email with your contact details again. Thank you. 
Geoffrey Nicholas Gabriel

26th January 2012:  Request from Tony Milhalopoulos
I am currently in search of the descendants of Dionysios Defteraios (tou Panagou) and Melia Karavia (Psarou) (tou Georgiou) born and married in Ithaca. Dionysios Defteraios was 38 when he married (this being his second marriage) Melia Karavia (Psarou), aged 23, at the church of Vlahernon at Ithaca, Greece, in 1870.
They had six children: Telemahos (also known as Ioannis) born 1872, Georgios 1875, Ioulia 1877, Chrysiida 1879, Evaggelos 1883 and Reggina born 1887 (who sadly passed away in 1890).
Telemahos Ioannis Defteraios married Maria (born 1883) in 1904 in Ithaca and had two children, Mihalis born 1906 and Chrisanthy born 1910.
Ioulia Defteraiou (aged 23) married Dionysios Alfonsos (tou Konstantinou) (aged 26) in Ithaca in 1903. They had five children: Nikolaos born 1904, Gerasimos 1907, Ioannis 1908, Konstantis 1915 and Lefteris 1921.
Chrisiida Deferaiou (aged 24) married Panagi Gavrilis (tou Efstathiou) (aged 23) in 1907. They had the following children: Theodoros born 1909, Elefteris 1912, Evthoxia 1915 and Elefteria 1920.
I am not aware if the other two brothers, Georgios Defteraios and Evaggelos Defteraios married or whether they immigrated from Ithaca.
I look forward to hearing from you if you are able to add further information to this particular branch of the Defteraios family tree.
Kind regards
Tony Mihalopoulos
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