Centenary Art Exhibition explores the 'Odyssey'

On Sunday 29 May, acclaimed novelist Arnold Zable opened the Centenary Art Exhibition at Steps Gallery in Carlton in front of 150 people.

The Art Exhibition was an opportunity for the many talented artists in our community to make an artistic contribution during this special milestone year for our Society.

The artists were given a theme to inspire them: ‘ODYSSEY – AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY’ which explores life’s journey and those experiences that shape us both individually and collectively. The artists, all of whom have a connection with our beautiful island of Ithaca, captured the theme imaginatively and evocatively.

We thank each of them for their wonderful contribution.

Our special thanks to the Centenary Art Exhibition Committee, Kathy Vlassopoulos, Georgia Vlassopoulos and Tina Dellas, who worked enthusiastically over three years to mount this exhibition.

The Centenary Art Exhibition will close on June 12.

For images from the Art Exhibition opening, visit our Photo Gallery.

For all of you fluent in Greek, read what Neos Kosmos had to say about the opening.

anna Manolatos     Georgia Vlassopoulos     Arthur Sikiotis
 Flight, Acrylic, ink on canvas by Anna Manolatos     Taxithi Bronze and Terracotta by Georgia Vlassopoulos      Self-titled, Mixed media by Arthur Sikiotos
James Raftopoulos     Nicolette Sikiotis Louverdis     Ron Guy
Family Tree, Giclee print, James Raftopoulos     The Sea, Acrylic on canvas by Nicolette, Sikiotis Louverdis     Stavros and Road to Poli Bay, Giclee prints by Ron Guy

AE Committee


    Arnold Zable Fotor      
Art Exhibition Committee (L-R): Tina Dellas, Georgia Vlassopoulos and Kathy Vlassopoulos     Acclaimed novelist, Arnold Zable, declares the exhibition open.