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Passage to Ithaca 2nd Edition - order your copy now

Passage to Ithaca 2nd edition cover image

The updated 2nd edition of Passage to Ithaca by George Paxinos is now available.

 A Passage to Ithaca explores the formation of Ithacan society with a strong focus on origins of family surnames. It examines  the historical and geographic factors that shaped a small island society, the formation of its villages and what it is to be an  Ithacan. Both the annotated surname list and the associated nicknames aim to preserve a local culture and provide a creditable companion to any Ithacan family history.

Price: $36.37 excluding GST and postage
Published by the Ithacan Historical Society, Passage to Ithaca 2nd Ed. was launched on Sunday 5 March at the
Ithacan Philanthropic Society clubrooms where guests enjoyed a conversation with the author, George Paxinos.
Pictured at the launch, author George Paxinos and Elly Symons.
Passage to Ithaca 2nd ed launch