PRIESTS' BOOKS I - Anogi Cover

A direct line to our ancestors from Anogi

New e-book with baptisms, marriages and funerals in Anogi, Ithaca from 1749-1922.

The bilingual e-book "Priests' books of baptisms, marriages and funerals in Ithaca. Volume I. Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary in Anogi. 1749-1922" by Vasiliki Angelopoulou and Stefanos Gerontis is now on-line and available for downloading, free of any charges here.

Download your ebook copy from here.

In the book you can find an analytic description of the priests’ books (“Katastiha”), information regarding methodological issues, tables with information displayed in a friendly manner and a large catalogue in Greek and English containing over 3,500 entries of all baptisms, marriages and funerals that took place in Anogi gained from the Ithacan Historical Archive of the General State Archives in Vathi.

Thousands of our ascendants from Anogi (and not only) are in this book and you can easily start identifying your family line by going through its pages (the English version is on pages 126-204).
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