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Launch of Ithacan Archive Fund

Ithacan Archive Fund
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The Ithacan Historical Societyis proud to launch a new fundraising drive to support the conservation of historical documents at the state archives in Ithaca. The IHS has a record of providing aid to the Ithacan archive in the past. After the reopening of the archive in December 2021 following a long period of closure, the IHS again provided significant aid to meet the most urgent needs of the archive. While these efforts have made an important contribution, there remain many more areas of need. Our goal is to ensure Ithaca’s rich heritage will be preserved for future generations.

Read more about our recent contributions to the archive here

We are now appealing for contributions to the fund which will allow us to support the archive into the future. The Ithacan Archive Fund is a perpetual project of the IHS and welcomes individual contributions from all who are interested in the history of Ithaca and its region. We also welcome corporate contributions and bequests.

Tell me more about the Ithacan archive ...
Ithaca is home to a small but significant branch of the Greek state archives. Its collections include notarial registers, church records, maritime and administrative documents dating back to around 1600.
Unfortunately the extensive collections at the Ithacan archive have suffered decades of neglect. This means that many series of documents are unclassified and there are no published catalogues to aid research. The result of this neglect is that the riches of the Ithacan archive are little known and have not been seriously studied.
How can I donate?
 Donations from Australian banks, via transfer to:
Bank BSB/Branch Number: 033 005
Account Number: 116628
Please write  ‘Archive’ in the bank transfer description and include your first and last name so your donation may be acknowledged. 
For international transfers, you can contact us here for help: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will gladly acknowledge your generous donation in the Odysseus newspaper. If this is not your wish, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where will my money go?

Our strategy for supporting the Ithacan archive has been based on broad consultation. We are guided by four main objectives:

1. Conservation and preservation of documents

Provision of appropriate professional-standard, acid-free conservation materials to preserve records currently conserved inappropriately

2. Improvement of the archive environment
Modern digitisation equipment for fragile documents
Exhibition cabinets for the safe public display of selected documents

Climate, fire-safety and humidity controls

3. Classification of the collections

Support for the classification of documents, and the publication of catalogues to the archive’s collections

4. Support for research

Support for researchers to publish primary sources (notarial registers, ecclesiastical/civil registry records, etc) and related studies

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Fundraiser for Stavros Medical Centre

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On Sunday 2, April 2023 over 100 members and friends of the Society gathered at the Clubrooms to support fundraising for the purchase of

a portable ultrasound for the norther Ithaki Stavros Medical Centre.

Through the generosity of all who donated we have almost reached our target with an amazing total to date of $7400.


Donations still accepted ... please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A great afternoon of fundraising with guests enjoying wonderful Greek music and catching up with family and friends.

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Passage to Ithaca 2nd Edition - order your copy now

Passage to Ithaca 2nd edition cover image

The updated 2nd edition of Passage to Ithaca by George Paxinos is now available.

 A Passage to Ithaca explores the formation of Ithacan society with a strong focus on origins of family surnames. It examines  the historical and geographic factors that shaped a small island society, the formation of its villages and what it is to be an  Ithacan. Both the annotated surname list and the associated nicknames aim to preserve a local culture and provide a creditable companion to any Ithacan family history.

Price: $36.37 excluding GST and postage
Published by the Ithacan Historical Society, Passage to Ithaca 2nd Ed. was launched on Sunday 5 March at the
Ithacan Philanthropic Society clubrooms where guests enjoyed a conversation with the author, George Paxinos.
Pictured at the launch, author George Paxinos and Elly Symons.
Passage to Ithaca 2nd ed launch

IPS Y12 Awards - Congratulations to 2022 VCE Graduates

2022 Y12 grads Awards April 2023

Fom left: Shari Defteros, Anna Raftopoulos, Georgios Geitenbeek, Spyridoula Digaletou-Coutsouvelis (IPS President), Alexia Tsaralikis, Natasha Anagnostou, Paris Royal

On Sunday 2 April 2023 family and friends gathered to recognise and celebrate our young Ithacan 2022 year 12 graduates.
Congratulations to the award recipients for the completion of this significant milestone in their educational journey.

Our best wishes for the future.

IHS Year 12 Award recipients -
Natasha Anagnostou
Shari Defteros
Georgios Geitenbeek
Anna Raftopoulos
Paris Royal
Alexia Tsaralikis

2021 AGM President's Welcome and Annual Report


2021 President Spyridoula Coutsouvelis

Click on links below for President Spyridoula Digaletou-Coutsouvelis' Welcome and Annual Report at the IPS Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 1 August 2021.

President's Welcome

President's Annual Report

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