Throwing Light on Homeric Ithaca Exhibition

 The exhibition is open for viewing at the Clubrooms on the monthly Thursday OPEN DAYS

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The Ithacan Historical Society
presents an exhibition
Throwing Light on Homeric Ithaca
Dimitris I. Paizis-Danias
The heritage of Homer’s Ithaca,
today’s unique Ithaca
Κέκλυτε δ νν μευ, θακήσιοι, ττί κεν επω
So listen to me Ithacans in what I have to say…
Οδύσσεια β 25
  A democratic appeal made by Telemachus, the heir to the throne,
who while holding the royal sceptre, addresses the agora,
meeting place of the Ithacans.

Journey to Nostos - rescheduled - new date 28 July 2019

A joint IPS and AHEPA initiative

Featuring Peter Andrews and Peter O'Conner

Peter Andrews and Cummins

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to reschedule Journey to Nostos.
The new date is Sunday 28 July. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Dr. Peter O’Connor (pictured left) is a renowned author and psychotherapist who has based much of his practice and writing on Greek and Irish mythology. Pete Andrews (Anagnostatos), member of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society Board, is an Ithacan Australian who has had deep personal and ancestral connection to Homer’s The Odyssey all his life.

Join Peter and Pete in a stimulating conversation which traverses the mythical landscape of The Odyssey.

Together they reimagine Homer’s epic, The Odyssey, as a metaphor for the violence in contemporary society, in particular that of male violence.

Hear how a 3000 year old story continues to resonate down the centuries as Peter and Pete explore the important theme of identity and deliver a powerful message about the importance of developing mature, reflective, conscious men, and indeed women.

Where:  Ithacan Philanthropic Society Clubrooms

When:  Sunday 28 July, 2.00 pm

RSVP:  Debbie Argyropoulos  Mob:  0417 577 901  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Panagias Katharon Luncheon - Thursday 5 September

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Join us for lunch at the Clubrooms

to celebrate 

Thursday 5 September 2019, 1.00 pm
Bookings for Luncheon
RSVP 1st September 
Kristalenia Collins 0409 357 747

Join us for Open Day at 'the Club'

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Come into the clubrooms and enjoy a casual chat with familiar faces and good coffee! Open Day is held once a month on the first Thursday of every month, unless it is a Bingo Day when Open Day will be the second Thursday.  

It is relaxed and informal and a great opportunity to chat with other Ithacans about the football, world events, your next Ithacan summer holiday or anything else that takes your fancy.

It is also an opportunity to share recollections and stories about the Club and our family histories.  Currently we are discussing and documenting the history of Ithacan owned and operated shops/businesses in the Melbourne CBD and suburbs. 

We hope to see you there.

All welcome.

For further details please contact Peter Paxinos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone the club on 9670 0230.

Open Day dates for 2019  from 11am are:

Thursday 7 February

Thursday 7 March

Thursday 4 April

Thursday 9 May

Thursday 6 June

Thursday 4 July

Thursday 1 August

Thursday 12 September

Thursday 10 October

Thursday 7 November

Thursday 12 December


Bingo Dates 2019

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2019 DATES:

Thursday 31 January

Thursday 14, 28 February

Thursday 14, 28 March

Thursday 11 April

Thursday 2, 30 May

Thursday 16 May - Biggest Morning Tea Cancer Council Fundraiser

Thursday 13, 27 June

Thursday 11, 25 July

Thursday 8, 22 August

Thursday 5, 19 September - followed by Panagias Katharon Luncheon at 1.00 pm

Thursday 3, 17, 31 October

Thursday 14, 28 November      

Thursday 5 December – Bingo and break-up Christmas luncheon