The Ithacan Historical Society of Melbourne

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To put together the jigsaw puzzle of the history of Ithacans in Australia is not an easy task. But when the Ithacan Historical Society (IHS) was founded in 1993, this was the mission it set itself. Even with all the goodwill in the world, and the enthusiastic, hard-working committee which we have had since the inception of the IHS, it was not an undertaking that could be completed in a hurry, nor indeed in a quantifiable timeframe. It will always be a work in progress, a work that will never be finished: because today's stories are tomorrow's history.

Our committee ambitiously set itself a number of projects. Some have been completed, some are still ongoing. The Ithacan Cook book was a production well worth waiting for and received universal plaudits. Our historical exhibitions were very well-attended and the Historical Trivia nights are also very popular. We are currently helping the Ithacan Philanthropic Society with their planning of our centenary celebrations.

Our task as a historical society is not merely to hold functions, although we do so when they have a historical bent. We are now in the second decade of the 21st century and a new and exciting future beckons. Innovative, affordable methods of information capture are now available, digitising, online photo cataloguing etc. and these new methods should make the gathering of historical information easier. 

As a historical society, our primary role is to collect information and archival photos. It is critical that we do this NOW before this data is lost forever. We would be doing future generations of Ithacans a great disservice if we allowed this to happen. Although we may not be able to accumulate masses of material, we will be able to assemble a valuable research resource.

Our secondary role is to keep our members informed of our progress, principally in the Historical Page in the Odysseus and our Ithacan website. Just over one hundred 1st Generation Questionnaires have now been returned (the form is still available online HERE) and the 2nd Generation Questionnaire is now on the website ready to be downloaded (HERE). To provide a true picture of our past we need the support of all members. So when we appeal for information and photos we would be grateful for a response.

The Ithacan Historical Society is only as successful as the support it gets from its members. The committee is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Ithacans in Australia and we need the infusion of new ideas and enthusiastic members who are interested in preserving and conserving their heritage.

Come join us and together we can ensure that the proud history of the Ithacans in Australia will not be lost to posterity.