Please visit these interesting links below:

1. Municipality of Ithaca - Home page Useful telphone numbers

For any questions please don’ t hesitate to contact
the MAYOR’S OFFICE with the following ways:
Telephone Number: 0011 30 267 4032 729
Fax Number:           0011 30 267 4033 568

 2. Helpful sites for all things Ithacan

 3. Hire a Greek !

Quote from the website: "There are hundreds of thousands of Greek-American, Greek-Canadian, Greek-Australian and Greek people around the world that are successful businessmen and can help the people of Greece, by hiring them to work for their company from Greece. This is why we created, so people from Greece can post their resumes and companies from around the world can browse them and hopefully employ them"

4. A Social awareness campaign focusing on new ideas and solutions to create a more promising future for Greece.

5. Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria

6.Greek Reporter - The Latest Greek News

 7.International Organising Committee Australia - For the restitution of the Parthenon Marbles

8. Ithaca Friends of Homer Association