Ithacan Recipes

Ithacan Recipes



   Ithacan Recipes, Australian Memories

    The publication is a compilation of much loved Ithacan
     recipes from members of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society. 
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Traditional Ithacan Recipes

In 2016, as part of our centenary celebrations, we collaborated with the Kali Orexi team to produce cooking videos of two traditional Ithacan Recipes – Rovani and Savoro, which are also included in our cookbook, Ithacan Recipes, Australian Memories

The videos were part of the Society’s centenary exhibition at the Immigration Museum, Our Odyssey, Ithacans in Melbourne.  Featured on the videos are Maria Dellas and Pano Paxinos who kindly shared their recipes and reminisces.

Kali Orexi is a Melbourne based team passionate about keeping our Greek culinary traditions alive. We thank the Kali Orexi team for their generous support in producing these videos.  

KO Marias Savoro KO Peters Rovani
    Maria Dellas' Savoro Pano Paxinos' Rovani

We hope you enjoy the videos and that they inspire you to cook these wonderful dishes.
To view the videos click KALI OREXI