The Ithacan Historical Society of Melbourne

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Our story is that of one of the oldest Greek communities in Melbourne beginning with the earliest Ithacan arrivals around the mid nineteenth century.

The Ithacan Historical Society Inc (IHS) was founded in December 1990 by a group of members with a strong desire and commitment to preserve our history and heritage for future generations.

Our purpose
The Ithacan Historical Society aims to encourage and foster the study of Australian and Victorian history with a focus on Ithacans who have settled in Victoria, Australia, taking into consideration Ithacan migration and settlement, economic and social life, customs and family history. 
Our collection
In pursuing this purpose, our primary role is to collect, catalogue and maintain historical records including archival documents, family histories, photographic, video and audio material, and artefacts of historical and cultural significance.

In addition to providing a valuable resource for research, our archives also provide a rich source of material for publications, exhibitions and retrospectives. We are continually seeking to build our collection and welcome donations of items in line with our Collection Policy.

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The Ithacan Historical Society is affiliated with the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and is a member of Museums Australia Victorian Collections.       
In accordance with the Ithacan Historical Society’s Rules of Incorporation, a person who wishes to become a member of the Association is required to apply to become a member of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society.

The IHS committee is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Ithacans in Melbourne and Victoria and we welcome interested members to join us at our monthly meetings.  Together we can ensure that the proud history of the Ithacan community and the Ithacan Philanthropic Society will not be lost to future generations.