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Event series: 'The Archive of Ithaca' Sunday 26 November (online)

The Ithacan Historical Society is pleased to launch a new event series, ‘The Archive of Ithaca’, in collaboration with the Centre of Maritime History of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies and the General State Archives of Ithaca (Γενικά Αρχεία του Κράτους – Τμήμα Ιθάκης).
This programme builds on the support provided by the Ithacan Historical Society through the Ithacan Archive Fund. 
See . The lectures are presented in the context of work by the Centre of Maritime History towards research and classification of the nineteenth-century maritime documents at Ithaca. See
As part of the ongoing initiative of the Ithacan Historical Society to support the Archive of Ithaca, the Society hosted a very successful seminar on Ithaca on 25 September 'A forum on the Archive of Ithaca' (in Greek). You can watch the video of the event here:
The seminar shall be repeated online in English on 26 November 2023 at 7.00 pm (Melbourne time)


Join via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 895 2031 4697
Passcode: 29372940
You can also watch live via YouTube:

Further details are given in the poster and programme below.


Archive Forum 26 11 2023
Event series Poster English


25 Set Programme English