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The collection

The collection

The Ithacan Historical Society (IHS) has developed a significant collection of photographs, documents and historical information and artefacts relevant to Ithaca and in particular Ithacan migration and settlement in Melbourne and Victoria. The collection comprises material acquired and donated to the IHS and items belonging to the Ithacan Philanthropic Society (IPS) which is of historical significance. IPS material is catalogued, archived and stored by the IHS, however, remains the property of the IPS.  The collection includes: 

Information Files and Documents

Files containing: Information in the form of newspaper and journal clippings, brochures, short histories of families and businesses, personal accounts, etc. relating to people, places and events, first and second-generation surveys; and documents related to the history of the IPS and Ithacan migrations including documents lodged by private individuals.


The photographic collection includes over 3000 photographs of people and events dating from the earliest days of Ithacan migration and the establishment of the IPS through to recent times. Approximately 800 have been scanned and uploaded to Museum Victoria’s online Victorian Collections site.


The library collection consists of publications covering a range of topics related to the history of Ithaca, Eptanesian history, Ithacan culture and traditions, Greek history etc.  A catalogue of the library collection is under development.


Archive of Odysseus newspaper – original and digitised. CLICK HERE to view Edition 191 (Dec 2009 – Feb 2010) through to the latest edition. Digitised copies of earlier editions are available on request.

Oral histories and video collection

Includes interviews of individuals and groups from Melbourne’s Ithacan community and video recordings of Club events over the years.  


Objects and historical memorabilia stored at the clubrooms and used for displays and exhibitions, e.g. clothing, handicrafts, medals.

Prints, posters, mounted photos and display boards

Items such as prints, reproductions, posters, mounted photos and display boards related to the Ithaca, the Ithacan Philanthropic Society and the Ithacan community, including display boards from exhibitions and retrospectives.

Research the collection
If you wish to access material for research purposes please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. detailing the nature of your research and information being sought. This will ensure that we have the material your need. Relevant material may be copied and forwarded or a time organised for access to resources at the clubrooms. The IHS loans policy does not permit the lending of original material for research purposes.

Access to the material in the collection does not incur a charge for IPS/IHS members. A $15 charge is applied for non-members for use of the collection. Additional charges may apply for postage, photocopying and printing.