IPS FaceBook Group meet at Dona Lefki for kafethaki

Congratulations to Debbie Argyropoulos, IPS Facebook Administrator, for organising the successful gathering of some eighty people, many from Australia, at Dona Lefki on July 19 2018.

The IPS Facebook group welcomes people of Ithacan descent and all people who love Ithaca. The aim of the event was to get FB members, who regularly post and comment, to meet fellow members from all around the world.

Katerina Grigoriou, President of Enosi Ithakision Greece summed up the general feeling amongst the people who attended at Dona Lefki when she said, "I congratulate Debbie Argyropoulos for this wonderful day. I believe this meeting was a great opportunity for old friends to get together again, and most importantantly, for younger Ithacans to meet each other and make new friendships, thereby ensuring that family traditions are passed on to the next generation. Great meeting! Great day for us all!"

You can view the buzzing atmosphere and some familiar faces on Youtube on the following link: https://youtu.be/ShD4_egUPT0

Photos labelled Kafethaki on Ithaca, courtesy of Erika Bach.